Sunday, February 28, 2010

General: lone pilgrim is dead. Long live lone pilgrim!

1&1 have shut down my original blogs and sent me my final invoice so I'm now exclusively hosted on Blogger.

I still haven't really been involved in any hobby activity other than buying a copy of Tales of Heresy and reading some of the short stories within. I plan to review the book on here when I finish it.

As I mentioned previously I'm pretty hard up at the moment so I've had to make some tough decisions about selling my Games Workshop stuff. The first casualties will be the things I haven't even got round to painting yet. I have boxes and boxes of unpainted models to sell before I get around to selling my painted stuff, but the first items I've put up on eBay are terrain.

They include most of the Planetstrike terrain I bought with excitement at the end of last year. It's heartbreaking but it has to be done. So if you're interested in getting some 'as new' 40k terrain check out my auctions here:

Planetstrike Imperial Strongpoint, Blastcape craters, Moonscape craters, crashed Aquila lander, Necromunda terrain

As you can see from the link, I'm also selling some Necromunda terrain, including over 100 plastic bulkheads!

Expect to see a blizzard of stuff from me on eBay over the coming weeks.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

GENERAL: Checking out and shutting down

I have now cancelled my website contract with 1&1 so sometime in February my three blogs will disappear from their webspace. They should still be floating around on Blogger though! I have no firm idea if and when I will return to them, and if I do what I'll be doing on them.

Things still aren't great for me at the moment. I have no stomach for gaming in any way, shape or form. My latest White Dwarf lies unopened, I haven't bought the 'Nid codex, I haven't followed the Blood Angels rumours and I haven't listened to a single podcast or visited a gaming forum since December.

I had already fallen out of love with the playing games side of the hobby some time ago, and now the painting has stopped too. I might return to the painting, but if I'm not playing the games, why paint an entire army? Would I not be better served concentrating on painting a handful of models to a good display standard?

Given that I am also skint, it therefore makes sense to sell off the majority of my collection and keep a handful of models I still want to paint.

The only other aspect of the hobby I can foresee maintaining at the moment is my reading.

So, that means my blogs may become a medium for reviewing Games Workshop fiction, showing off the odd paint job and selling my models.

Anyway, that's for the future.

For now, adieu!