Friday, November 16, 2007

PAINTING: Chaos Terminator Lord

This a much more meaty post. I have painted all the metallics on the Lord. There is a lot, as I have discovered!

I began the gold bits with a Tin Bitz base, then overpainted that with Brazen Brass. Next I mixed in some Burnished Gold and then edged it with Mithril Silver. A wash of Chestnut Ink and Brown Ink warms the gold up and ties the layers together.

The silver bits are simply Boltgun Metal with a Black Ink wash over the top.

I also edged some of the armour with the Boltgun Metal. Although the armour is largely black, the metal represents battle damage around the exposed edges.

The next largest area of the model is the cloak. I'm going to go for a classic red.

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