Tuesday, December 8, 2009

NEW MODEL FUND: Target obliterated!

I'm done and dusted with eBay for the year.

I bunged a load of 2nd edition Ork models up for auction as well as a new Ghazghkull model. Everything exceeded my expectations and brought in far more than I had expected. Altogether I made £83.79.

That means my final NMF for the year stands at £842.98.

I'm over the moon at the final total, which has obliterated my original target of £500. Roll on 2010!


  1. Congratulations. Will you be spending the money next year or trying to raise more?

  2. Although I am tempted to keep up my frugal ways for another year, especially as I still own hundreds of models which need painting, I will be using the NMF as intended and spending some cash.

    I am awaiting the next IA book in February with some interest - Orks versus Elysian IG. Blood Angels are also out around April, so there will be loads of new models there. I also understand 8th edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle will be out late next year so I might restart my Warriors of Chaos army.

    I'll still be selling stuff on eBay but expect to see lots of new models!