Saturday, January 12, 2008

GENERAL: Post Christmas round-up

My posting has been a bit erratic during the holiday season but I'm hoping things will start to settle down now. I've been ill, as has my girlfriend's dad, work has been demanding and I'm back on the fitness trail following my Christmas indulgence, so there have been plenty of distractions. While real life will always intrude on my gaming life, I'm still excited to be running this blog and I hope 2008 will be a great gaming year!

Over the next few weeks I'll be porting more stuff over from my static HTML site - like the book reviews - but I'll also be adding lots of new content. Just to prove I have been doing something I thought I'd show you my works in progress. I didn't manage to paint all my Chaos models before the turn of the New Year. I completed the Plague Marines and Plague Bearers but my Khorne contingent are still on the painting table.

So far I have completed the bronze on both sets of models. Next I need to focus on the Khorne Berzerkers and get the red paint on their armour. That's the biggest job left; it'll just be the detailing to get them finished after that. Then I'll concentrate on the Daemons. They're similar to the Plague Bearers in that there are only two real areas to paint on the model; flesh and weapons. I painted the Plague Bearers in just six hours and with the Bloodletters weapons already done the Khorne daemons should be just as quick to do.

While I wasn't finishing off my Chaos models I was putting together this bad boy.

I didn't have the time or inclination to paint for a week or so, so I started to construct my Baneblade. I bought this at Games Day 2007 and it has been whispering to me from it's box ever since. It's a really nice model to put together. I used the guide in White Dwarf and hardly had to refer to the official instructions at all.

There's nothing really special about this Baneblade. I didn't magnetize it or make the weapons switchable, nor did I pick an unusual weapon configuration. I liked the basic weapon loadout anyway and wanted to keep things as easy as possible for myself during the construction and painting. Besides I wanted the tank to have its own history and 'personality' so I felt I had to have the courage of my convictions and simply build it, paint it and play it as is in my games.
The only thing I did was add a mix of sand, PVA glue and flock to the tank tracks to represent churned up mud. This will allow the Baneblade to match my other Cadian Imperial Guard tanks.

And yes, I have decided to build this as an Imperial Baneblade rather than a Chaos one as I had originally intended. That's because I dropped £55 on the Brass Scorpion kit. I felt it would balance things out to have a super heavy on each side rather than two in one force and none in the other. This is especially important because Gary doesn't seem to have gotten excited by Apocalypse at all. I don't even think he has taken the shrink wrap off his book yet! That means it's highly unlikely he will build a super heavy himself. Ho hum.

The rest of my gaming time has been taken up with playing games against Gary in our 40k campaign. I've posted up the latest battle report here if you'd like to check it out.

So that's where I am at the moment. I'll plod on with my Chaos troops and let you know when they're finished then I'll start on the Baneblade.

Over and out.

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