Friday, September 5, 2008

NEW MODEL FUND: Brass in pocket

I'm back in profit.

I scraped together £16 from my penny jar and sales of my mobile phone and SLR camera brought in just over £70 so, coupled with the fact I didn't buy any more models, I now have a healthy £36 in the kitty.
  • Total income from sales (and my penny jar) £593.17
  • Less selling fees £41.39
  • Less models bought £515.12
  • New model fund £36.49
I also tried to sell some old Judge Dredd comics and had high hopes for them but no-one bought them so they've gone back in the loft. My next sales will be some 2000AD graphic novels, computer books and role-playing magazines.

I'll need some cash in the near future when the new Warhammer Warriors of Chaos book is released. The plastic wolves and Marauder cavalry look great and a plastic chariot will be a must for me. The two new metal Lords look awesome too. An last but not least, I really want to bust out a Dragon. If no new model is released I may have to convert a High Elf plastic one.

Gary's Dark Elf army book came out recently too so I'm sure he'll be chomping at the bit to get some games in.

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