Sunday, August 31, 2008

PAINTING: Pledge kept

I haven't blogged anywhere near as much I would like during the past weeks but I hope this entry will make up for that. I've been concentrating on painting my Blood Angels for the Warseer Tale of 40k Painters pledge. It's the end of the first month and I'm happy to declare that I've kept my pledge. I thought I'd give all of my readers the first look at the finished models.

Almost 200 points of Blood Angels muster

I need to paint up 2000 points of Blood Angels over the next year. My aim is to complete 200 points per month which leaves me with a bit of wriggle room if I can't paint anything for a month or two. For my first month I decided to paint five Tactical marines, a Rhino and a Land Speeder.

I finished the Speeder first, as I have blogged here previously.

Speeder front

Speeder side

Speeder side

With the Speeder done inside a week I moved onto the Rhino.

Rhino side

Rhino front

Rhino side

Rhino rear

The Rhino only took a week or so which meant I had two weeks for five Marines. No problem.

I've completely finished the painting of these models but I haven't added the transfers yet. I'll do that later when I've purchased some Micro-Sol. The other five marines I painted months ago, and which will complete this Tactical squad, have some very crinkly transfers curling around their shoulder pads which I want to remove because they look so bad. Thanks for my blog readers who pointed me towards the Bell of Lost Souls transfer tutorial.

This marine has gauntlets from a Chaos Space Marine

Marine with battle damage

Missile launcher

Bare-headed marine

Mark VI Corvus armour

I'm really happy with how these marines turned out and I'm looking forward to getting them onto the battlefield.

I'm in a bit of a quandary for my September pledge. I'm away on holiday for a fortnight so my painting time will be severely restricted. I certainly couldn't paint as many models as I did for August. One option is to paint a single high cost model like a Land Raider - I have one of these already built and undercoated - alternatively I could play a joker and skip the whole month, picking up the challenge for October.

Oh, and I almost forgot, I have the eighth battle in the Vogen campaign up on my battle reports blog. My radical Daemonhunters took on Gary's Chaos Space Marines.

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