Saturday, August 9, 2008

PAINTING: Whoooooshhhhhh!

I've maintained radio (well, blog) silence for the past few days while I've been painting up my Land Speeder. Since it was a second hand model I acquired already assembled, I had a little work to do first scraping off mold lines. I also had to repair the aerial on the driver's earpiece with some brass rod. A quick spray of Chaos Black udercoat and it was ready to be painted.

I started with the metallics and overbrushed Boltgun Metal everywhere, particularly on the underside of the model. That was given a wash of Badab Black and I called it done. Next I painted some areas Brazen Brass with a Dwarf Bronze highlight. I washed those areas with Gryphonne Sepia. I drybrushed Chaos Black over the engines and multi-melta barrel to simulate muck and grime, then spotted some Chainmail onto the hard edges to represent areas where the deposits had worn off.

Most of the model would of course be bright red. I began with a Mechrite Red layer over the black undercoat then mixed in a lot of Blood Red, so much that I have none left at all now. I was surprised that I only needed one layer of this, and as you can see the Speeder is a bright, vibrant red colour. I edged the red with Blazing Orange.

To make the crew stand out a little more I highlighted them with Fiery Orange. The difference is very subtle but I think, even if subconsciously, it will catch the eye.

After all the red there were just a few details to pick out like the lights, Imperial Eagle, multi-melta and the crew heads.

I could call the model done (bar the base) but I want to add just a little more detail in the shape of battle damage. Maybe a bit of chipped metal and a few mud splatters will do the trick.

This is the first part of my painting pledge for this month and I have surprised myself by getting it painted ahead of schedule. Now I have two weeks to paint 5 Tactical Marines and a further week to paint their rhino.


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