Sunday, August 17, 2008

NEW MODEL FUND: Halfway there

It's been a month since I last blogged about my New Model Fund. I had pledged to make a dent in my debts; have I done so?

Well, the first part of my plan worked as I haven't bought a single model and therefore I haven't increased my debts. Instead I dug out lots of Space Marine models for my Blood Angels and started putting them together. In many ways it was like buying new models because they had been lying around in boxes for years without seeing the light of day. Painting them will probably take the entire year, and I don't need to add many models to make them an effective force. Here's hoping my discipline will stick.

The second part of my scheme was to put loads of stuff up on eBay. My old MP3 player and computer RAM brought in over £50 with the rest of my deficit being reduced with the sale of RPG books.

Here is what all that has done to my fund.
  • Total income from sales (and my penny jar) £504.26
  • Less selling fees £37.65
  • Less models bought £515.12
  • New model fund -£48.51
I want to have completely written off my debts by the time my next New Model Fund update rolls around in four weeks time. So, I have started listing my very old Judge Dredd Megazine comics (there are ten up for sale right now), and I still have my SLR and mobile phone to list. Together with cash from my bulging penny jar I'm confident I'll achieve my target.

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