Monday, August 25, 2008

GENERAL: Of Tactical Marines and Land Raiders

I've hauled together my seventh battle report of the Vogen campaign and you can read it here. My Daemonhunters took on Ken's Witch Hunters in the battle of the Ordos.

Meanwhile, apologies for the lack of blog entries. I have been frantically painting my Blood Angels; the Rhino is now finished and I'm right on track to complete the Tactical Marines by the end of the month. Their armour is all but done with two base coats, a Baal Red wash, and two sets of highlights. I'll move on to painting the other details next (pouches, grenades, eyes) then a last coat of Blood Red and the final highlight will see them battle ready.

Then I just need to decide on my next 200 points. I'm, leaning toward my Land Raider because I'm away on holiday for two weeks in September so my painting time will be halved, I've been enjoying painting vehicles, it's already half built and undercoated, it will gobble up a whole load of points (250+) and Land Raiders are now much better in 5th edition. The only negative is that it isn't Troops, and that's what I'm desperate to get on the table.

Maybe the month after I could do some Assault Marines?

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