Tuesday, August 19, 2008

PAINTING: Mud on the tracks

More progress on the Rhino. I painted the metallics with Chaos Black and then Boltgun Metal, then washed them with Badab Black. Once that had dried I started adding the weathering effects.

As you can see from the pics, it is not for the faint-hearted. I took my carefully highlighted tank and messed it up! I started with a light drybrush of Khemri Brown, drawing the brush up and away from the tracks and the front of the Rhino, in the direction that mud and dust would be thrown up. Once that had dried I drybrushed Calthan Brown a little heavier over a smaller area. The idea is that the mud has dried furthest from the tracks and gets darker and thicker as you get closer to the ground.

Next I dabbed on copious amounts of Scorched Brown, especially on areas where the mud mix was clumped (mud mix is a mixture of PVA glue, sand and static grass). Later I'll flick ink over the top to represent mud splatters but I need to add the transfers first.

I also added some realism in the shape of oily deposits around the exhausts, stippled with Chaos Black, then roughly edged with Boltgun Metal. I love this effect and it takes so little time to achieve.

The Rhino is looking really good now, and I'm sure it will be finished by Friday. Watch this space.

Also, I've plundered the files from my old website to bring you the latest instalment of the Vogen campaign. This is actually a page I forget about when I first started posting the battle reports - an introduction. I've placed it at the right chronological point in the blog (i.e. right at the start of the campaign) so it would be easy to miss. That's why I'm pointing it out now.

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