Sunday, August 3, 2008

MODELLING AND PAINTING: The pledge, month one

I've selected the next five Blood Angels to join my 2nd company first squad. Here they are.

As you can see they include a heavy weapon in the shape of a missile launcher. They also have a rhino transport vehicle.

Once I get these models painted they will thicken my Troops choices nicely, and add some much needed scoring ability. They will also give me more rapid firing bolters which I desperately need to take on Gary's Chaos Daemons. The missile launcher will give me some longer range firepower and the rhino adds mobility.

I plan to paint these models throughout August as part of my commitment to the Tale of 40k Painters thread on Warseer. My pledge is to paint 2000 points of Blood Angels in one year. That's about 170 points per month. Since my Tacticals and rhino only add up to 125 points I had to find something else to paint up. After some thought I plumped for a Landspeeder.

This model was bought second hand already constructed. I just need to scrape off the mold lines and give it another undercoat. Altogether, if I get everything painted, I will have completed 190 points.

I reckon I'll need a week to paint each vehicle and two weeks to complete the Marines. My blog here will continue to track my progress in detail and I'll periodically add updates to the Warseer thread too.

And here we go...

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