Tuesday, July 29, 2008

MODELLING: Quick win

In a recent game with my Blood Angels I played my old Dreadnought Rueben. The model was released in late 2nd edition, or maybe very early 3rd edition 40k and came without a base. I improvised with two square Warhammer Fantasy bases joined together with Milliput. Here's how he looked.

He served me well for maybe 10 years but square bases are now a definite no-no in 40k and besides, there are new dedicated Dreadnought bases. I mail-ordered a new base from GW and painted it up to give me a 'quick win' in updating my Blood Angels for 5th edition.

I'm sure you'll agree it looks a lot better. It will also now match my other Dreadnought base (although that one could probably do with a repaint).

One of my favourite things about Dreadnought Rueben is his custom banner. I drew and painted it myself, freehand, to represent the drop pod massacre incident when Brother Rueben was hideously injured and subsequently interred in his death dealing sarcophagus. If you look closely you can see how old this model is by the shape of the drop pods - that's what they originally looked like.

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