Sunday, July 6, 2008

MDELLING: If you want to get ahead get a neck

My week off work starts today. Hurrah! Fingers crossed I'll be able to spend a good chunk of my time on my gaming projects.

I know that 40k 5th edition will take up the back end of my holiday as it is released on Saturday 12th July. I predict I'll spend most of the weekend poring over the new rulebook.

I'll also be playing with my new toy; a 3G iPhone which is released the day before, on the 11th July. Man am I going to be broke this month!

I hope to finish my Brass Scorpion before 40k 5th edition is released on Saturday. It'll be great timing to utterly finish my Chaos forces and start my Blood Angels (with a bit of scenery making inbetween). Today I've started building up the neck and attaching it to the body. Next I need to create the head.

I'm also hoping to port over a load of older battle reports to the new blog so keep an eye out for them. I have one for you today; my Daemonhunters taking on Gary's Dark Eldar.

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