Thursday, July 10, 2008

GENERAL: Radical Daemonhunters kicking off

Just a quick update to say I've sprayed my Mantis Stalk Tank Chaos Black and it is now awaiting it's paintjob. I've kept the legs removable, even though I plan to glue them in place, so that I can paint them easily. I think I'll paint each leg in turn first then move onto the body. The colours are going to be classic Black Legion; Black with gold edging and silver metallics.

I've given up on the base for the moment just so I can get the model finished and ready for battle. I can always add a base later if I want.

While I'm off work I'm trying to get more of my 40k battle reports onto my battle reports blog. I've started a new series today with my Daemonhunters, part of the Vogen campaign. This ran for nine games and was a chance to really put my radicals to the test. See how I kicked off the campaign against a Blood Angels Space Marine army here.

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