Wednesday, July 23, 2008

MODELLING: Blood Angels Veterans muster

I enjoyed putting my Blood Angels Assault squad together so much yesterday that I decided to dig out the rest of my unassembled Blood Angles models and see what I had. I found a Veteran squad, a Tactical squad, a Techmarine with servo-harness and four servitors and a Whirlwind. They will go alongside the Land Raider, Land Raider Crusader, Land Speeder, 15 Tactical Marines, Command squad with jump packs, Captain and 20 or so Scouts that I already knew about. That's one hell of an army I'll have when everything is built and painted.

I knocked one unit off that to do list when I constructed my Veterans.

From left to right they are armed with power sword and plasma pistol, power axe and plasma pistol, lightning claw, boltgun and finally powerfist. Like the Assault squad I used resin extras and slate to liven up the bases, although a couple of the models already came with their own rocks to stand on.

Rather than use these models as a squad in their own right I think I'll use them as Veteran sergeants in my Tactical and Devastator squads. My tentative plan so far is to model up the entire Blood Angels 2nd company based upon the organisational chart in the Apocalypse rulebook, led by Captain Lazarus. As you can see from above, I already own a fair chunk of the figures.

Anyway, I'm off work on Friday so I plan to get all of my stuff, painted and unpainted, assembled and unassembled, together in one place and make some final decisions then.

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