Tuesday, July 22, 2008

MODELLING: Chaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrge!

I was inspired by my two games of 5th edition 40k to put together some more Troops for my Blood Angel army. I had a root around my bits box and came up with five Assault Marines. The Veteran Sergeant has the classic powerfist and he is backed up by four regular Assault Marines. I already have another of these metal models in my army so I gave this one a grenade in his off hand to make him stand apart.

I obviously got these models second hand, but I have no idea where from. They still bear the remnants of an old, blue paint scheme. All that should disappear under a black undercoat.

I made the bases first using resin pieces from the hero and urban basing sets from Games Workshop. I then pinned the Marines using brass rod. Having seen the new True Line of Sight rules in 5th edition I'm just glad I didn't build them any higher.

I'm not going to paint the models just yet as I have signed up to the Tale of 40k Painters challenge on Warseer. I may put together some more Blood Angels instead, ready to be painted as soon as the I'll save them for August I think.

Of course I should be painting that Apocalypse Super-Heavy Mantis Stalk tank...

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