Friday, July 25, 2008

MODELLING: Force Lazarus to do list

Over the past few days I've been really enthusiastic about putting together my Blood Angels models. I had a day off work today so I've had a good few hours to devote to organising my army. The first thing I did was pull out all of the models I could find. It was an impressive haul and I have easily enough models to cover the 2000 points I have promised to paint for the Warseer Tale of 40k Gamers.

After I'd put the models into some kind of order I used the Space Marine Force Lazarus chart in Apocalypse to sketch out my own version of the Blood Angels 2nd Company. He's what I plan to collect:

  • Captain Lazarus
  • Honourguard (jump packs)
  • Chaplain Arillus
  • Epistolary Angelus
  • Honourguard (Razorback)
  • Techmarine Kadeon
  • 4 Servitors (Razorback)
  • Terminator Squad Sanctarin
  • Terminator Squad Kalastin
  • Scout Squad Versos
  • Scout Squad Valera
  • Furiso Dreadnought Blackblood
  • Dreadnought Rueben
  • Dreadnought Osiander
  • Tactical squad Zephrus (Rhino)
  • Tactical Squad Tabbris (Rhino)
  • Tactical squad Tarasque (Rhino)
  • Tactical squad Volturnus (Rhino)
  • Tactical Squad Favonius (Drop Pod)
  • Tactical squad Notus (Drop Pod)
  • Assault squad Solaris (jump packs)
  • Assault squad Ombra (jump packs)
Fast Attack
  • Land Speeder
Heavy Support
  • Devastator squad Ignatius (Rhino)
  • Devastator squad Tarsarus (Rhino)
  • Whirlwind
  • Land Raider
  • Land Raider Crusader
  • Baal Predator
  • Predator Destructor
  • Predator Annihilator

If I collect and paint all that lot I can expand it further with Apocalypse by buying say another Land Raider to make an Armoured Spearhead, maybe another Whirlwind to make a Suppression Force and I'll certainly have a Battle Company.

In any case I'm completely occupied with gluing together all the models I have already got so expect to see quite a few assembled squads over the coming days. That means I can hit the ground coming for the start of the painting challenge.

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