Wednesday, July 9, 2008

MODELLING: Out of the workshop

The beast is complete! Apologies for the quality of the photographs but the light is terrible here (it's summer - it's raining). I threw another few hours at my Mantis Stalk tank and this is the result.

Most of my time was spent on the abdomen. The key parts were two Imperial Guard dozer blades. I turned these upside down and glued them over the battle cannon.

A couple of extra plates from weapons sponsons on an IG tank disguised the rectangular shape. To break it up even more, and chaosify it, I added the spiked halos and eight pointed star icons. More spikes came in the shape of a spiked ram from the Defiler kit.

Once the basic structure was in place I added more details. The gold squares are from the Chaos Renegade Militia brass etchings which I forgot I had until the model was almost complete. The chains are there to add that classic Chaos look and to break up the otherwise flat armour plating.

I continued around the Stalk tank adding other details. The Scorpion cannon had a further armour plate joined to the underside as I couldn't work out how to fit an ammo feed on the weapon.

The head also got a few embellishments. I added a Chaos icon on the top armour plate and then drilled and glued some sensor spines (brass rod) to the snout.

So the Mantis Stalk tank is finished and just needs a lick of paint. Here's hoping my can of Chaos Black holds out...

...And if you'd like to read about some Chaos Space Marines in action (admittedly on the other side of the battlefield) why not check out another of my battle reports. This game was memorable for me and my Daemonhunters for all the wrong reasons.

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