Friday, October 3, 2008

PAINTING: Heavy armour

Despite being on holiday for almost three weeks I have keep my promise for the Warseer Tale of 4ok Painters Pledge. As I knew I'd only have limited time to finish my entry, I chose to finish my Land Raider. It was an ideal choice because I'd already put it together and painted the interior and it was a single, expensive model. Here's how it looks.

I'm really getting into painting vehicles; it's relatively easy to get good results due to all the sharp edges, I have my paint and weathering scheme nailed down and it grows the army very quickly.

The Land Raider took a lot longer than the Rhino, though. There are lots of thin layers of armour which means loads more highlighting and the Godhammer lascannons (how cool is that name?) were a pain to paint then glue together. I'm not looking forward to putting together the metal Hurricane Bolters on my Land Raider Crusader.

Due to the time constraints of the pledge I had to skip the 'mud' mix I usually use on my vehicles. The Land Raider still has all the paint chips and dried dirt, though.

The only bad thing about the Land Raider is that I probably won't be able to take it in my first tournament list. When I was buying my copy of Black Reach at Games Workshop last Saturday I found out about The Gauntlet tournament. This is held in Warhammer World and normally consists of three 1000 point games played between 40-50 gamers from the North East of England. I played in the tournament in 2003, 2004 and 2005 and won best painted army in the first two years and overall in the last.

At 255 points the Land Raider will be too expensive to fit into my 1000 point list. On the other hand I have precious little else painted and ready to take and I only have three weeks to go!

I've posted up my first practice battle report on my battle reports forum here. It's clear from that game that I need to hurriedly paint up some Troops so Tactical Marines are next on my painting table.

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