Sunday, October 19, 2008

PAINTING: Running the Gauntlet

I haven't posted for a bit - in fact I've done very little else at all - because I've been painting like a daemon ahead of The Gauntlet tournament. That doesn't mean I've painted lots of models. In fact I've only painted a few, but they're to a decent standard. The Blood Angels hold a special place in my affections because they were my first ever 40k army so I want to paint them to the best of my abilities.

The main thing I needed for the tournament was more Troops so I began with 5 Tactical marines.

I chose a Veteran Sergeant with a powerfist to lead the squad. I had really wanted a Veteran with a lightning claw for a bit of variety, and to use the great model I have, but I was dismayed to find the Blood Angels codex disallows it. The special weapon I selected was a meltagun, again to add another dimension to my list.

All I need to do to finish these guys is stick on some transfers. Without thinking, I painted their kneepads black, like the first Tac squad I completed. I should really have painted them blue if I was going to use them as the second squad of my company, but I have decided to leave them as is and they will represent the 4th squad. I have left them at five models for the moment as they will be riding my Razorback into battle in my 1000 point list.

Once I'd completed my Tactical marines I moved on to my Death Company. I have ten models but concentrated on the first five as that was all I could fit into my tournament army list. These models are probably ten years old at least, and I converted them from regular marines as no dedicated Death Company models existed at the time.

I had painted them up and used them in many games, then I ripped off their regular backpacks and glued on jump packs to get them ready for 5th edition. I also added a jump pack Chaplain with a plasma pistol to lead them. Over the past week I have been building up the highlights and details I never painted the first time around. I really wanted Lemartes to act as the spiritual commander of the Death Company and indeed my whole army but the model didn't arrive in time for me to paint it up.

The tournament takes place on Thursday coming so I better get back to the painting table. If I don't blog before then, wish me luck...

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