Monday, December 15, 2008

GENERAL: Yellow snow, yellow snow, yellow snow...

The decorations are up, the house is tidied and I'm now ready for Christmas. Just one more six day working week to go then I'll have a few days off. That means I should have some hobby time.

My plan is to concentrate on getting the Brass Scorpion conversion finished, using some of the techniques shown in the IA Modelling Masterclass book. Most of the really big areas are done now so I'll be able to concentrate on the details and get regular if small updates up on my blog.

To accompany those I'll be linking to more Daemonhunters battle reports on my dedicated blog. I have four more of them I think and then I'll be starting to share my Imperial Guard games. I have somewhere in the region of thirty of those which should take me well into February.

Check out my latest Daemonhunter game here.

In the longer term I need to go back to my Blood Angels for the Warseer Tale of 40k Painters Pledge. I have a squad of 10 Assault Marines in the works and then some more vehicles.

I also plan on actually completing my gaming table. This has remained in bubble wrap since the building work I had done 18 months ago but with my Super heavies done I'll need a decent Apocalypse sized table to play on. I already have three 4 foot by two foot sections done but the fourth section will give me that crucial 8 foot length and some cool trenches to fight over. It'll also encourage me to finish all those terrain pieces I've been hoarding for ages; craters, the crashed shuttle terrain, a Forge World Chimera wreck, trees and hills.

I'm really stoked about getting all my painted models on one table but I'm struggling to get Gary interested - he still hasn't taken his Apocalypse book out of it's wrapper. At least I'll have a few months to wear him down...

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