Wednesday, December 3, 2008

PAINTING: Painting pledge month 4

Here is my contribution to month four of the Tale of 40k Painters painting pledge (try saying that fast). I actually painted these models a while ago for the Gauntlet tournament but I held them back so I didn't exceed my monthly points limit on the pledge. That meant I could spend a little time painting my Brass Scorpion instead, but it will be back to the Blood Angels from now on.

The photographs aren't great because the light was terrible (ahh - British winters) and the flash which I had to use has made the highlights super harsh. Anyway, enough of the excuses, here are the Death Company.

Drum roll please...

Chaplain and five Death Company marines

Although I own ten Death Company models I chose to paint just five and the Chaplain. This would give me a legal squad, would make it easier for me to allocate points to the challenge and allow me to paint each type of marine in their own batch. Five of my Death Company marines came from second edition while five were the newer Death Company models. I went with the older batch of models first. They have metal bodies with plastic arms. There are lots and lots of little conversions on the models which I did many moons ago.

Chaplain Diavolo

The Chaplain was a newer addition to the unit, chosen when I got rid of my Death Company rhino and switched to jump packs in 3rd edition. I didn't want to cut up my old Chaplain Avernus so I had to make a new one. For some reason I gave him a plasma pistol which is not very useful in the game. Ho hum.

Death Company marine with powerfist

This model has had a skull cut in half and moulded onto his shoulder pad. He also carries a powerfist which just represents rending in the current rules.

Death Company marine with powerfist

Another powerfist which was really nasty in previous editions. He has bones glued in a cross on his shoulder pad.

Death Company marine with power axe

This marine has had skeleton arms attached to his own power armoured arms.

Death Company marine with powersword

You can see the bone additions really clearly on this guy.

Death Company marine with chainsword

Anyone remember hand flamers?

Four month group shot

Wow, the models are starting to look like an army now. I haven't varnished these guys yet following last month's frosting disaster. I hope to write an article on the whole frosting phenomenon at some point and I'll probably do my Death Company for that.

I'm not happy with the photographs at all, but I hope to remedy this by next month. Speaking of next month I need to decide on what to paint. Assault marines are high on my list as they count towards the Troops choices of my army and can thus claim objectives.

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