Sunday, November 15, 2009

PAINTING: Blood Bowl Morg 'N Thorg

While I was hunting through my model collection looking for stuff to put up on eBay I came across my old Morg 'N Thorg model. He was painted up years ago in very basic fashion - everything in one flat layer - to get him onto the field as quickly as possible.

I thought it might be fun to highlight those original colours and slap some washes on him to bring him up to scratch. It's been ages since I painted a model just for the hell of it so I thought why not? He'll contribute two more points to my painting pledge total if nothing else.

I first painted this model was so long ago that the skin was apparently Bronzed Flesh; at least that was the closest match I could find now. I highlighted all of the skin and the boots, touched up the metallics and highlighted the white stripes on the 'skirt.' After that I used the new washes extensively. I used Ogryn Flesh on the, er, flesh, Badab Black on the metallics, and Devlan Mud on the leather.

Just looking at the photographs now I can see some areas where the wash is a bit too heavy but hey, what do you want for an hours work?

Morg is painted in the colours of my Human Blood Bowl team, the Wolfenburg Shadows. Wolfenburg is in the North East of the Old World and is part of Ostland. Ostland's colours are black and white, just like my football team Newcastle United, which is in the North East of England. See what I did there?

So, after that brief diversion, back to my Aeronautica Imperialis planes...


  1. Excellent job. Seems like Blood Bowl is really gaining some popularity again.

  2. Have you tried the computer game? I enjoyed it for a while but singleplayer just got repetitive. I havn't been able to play it online yet, but when I playing the Beta there was far too many rage quitters.

  3. @oni - Blood Bowl has always been one of my favourite games. I love the games themselves but the idea that you can play a season, improving your players and teams is great.

    @Soundwave - I am planning on getting the computer game for Christmas. I look forward to playing it as I don't have any real live opponents to play with (or the time to be honest).