Wednesday, November 18, 2009

PAINTING: Red ones go fasta!

Another day, another plane painted.

I'm really getting into my stride with my Ork Air Waaagh now. This plane, which I have christened Jagged Deff, only took an hour to paint.

That's all of the fightas finished now, so I have two fighta-bommers, a bommer and two grot bombs left to paint. If I keep up at this pace I should be finished my Ork squadron by the weekend.


  1. Considering how small those planes are, that's outstanding. The detailing on the wings is excellent.

  2. I just saw some of these in person at my local - your pictures don't really show their true scale - they are tiny things. Well done on getting so much detail out of them.

  3. Yeah, these planes are rather dinky. Some of the photos I've posted are actually larger than the models themselves! Given that I am painting them in a 'rough and ready' way, it's probably a bad thing to do.

    I might post some photos up with 40k miniatures next to the planes to give people an idea of scale.