Sunday, March 25, 2007

Lava base

I finished off the base for my Daemonic mount today. I decided to paint the cracks in between the broken ground as lava. It's the first time I have tried this so I thought I'd post a stage by stage account here. This blog is actually functioning as my painting diary at the moment.

First I painted a rough splodge of Scab Red in the crevices.

Next I painted a slightly thinner line of Red Gore.

Blood Red followed, again in less quantity.

Things brightened up even more with the addition of Blazing Orange.

The final colour, fittingly enough, was Fiery Orange.

With the lava finished I just had to paint those funny barb/thorn things pushing through the ground. I chose green as the colour to provide a contrast to the lava. I painted them Dark Angels Green with stripes of Snot Green and then Snot Green/Fortress Grey tips. I washed them down with an Orc Flesh green ink wash.

The very last thing I needed to do was to touch up the black on the edges of the broken ground.

I'm not sure whether to put static grass and snow on the base. What do you think?

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