Saturday, March 24, 2007

On the workbench

In a desperate ploy to try and stop those pesky Dark Riders from dominating my Chaos army, I came up with a way to field my Furies. I have a unit of eight which I use in my 40k Chaos army and I wanted to adapt them for my fantasy horde. The models themselves are okay but the round bases had to be converted to square ones. My first thought was using a Games Workshop movement tray with circles cut out, but the Furies are skirmishers and needed individual bases.

I went out and bought some plastic covered card and cut it into 25mm squares. I painted them brown and blu-tacked them to the base of the Furies. They looked awful. They were just too thin. You can see them here, along with the modified movement tray for my Warrior unit.

My cunning plan then involved gluing sand to the corners of the bases where they protruded from the round base, to build up the corners. This helped but is still not ideal. I think they need some static grass to add to the vertical. Still, I got a new eight model unit for £2 and about 30 minutes work.

My next project is my Exalted on Daemonic mount. I bought the Archaon model and plan to do some small conversions to make him my own. Anyway, I didn't change the base. Here's how I painted it.

I undercoated it with Chaos Black spray and then overbrushed it with Codex Grey.

Next I drybrushed it with Fortress Grey.

Now I carefully painted the deepest recesses Chaos Black and drybrushed the cracked rocks with Chaos Black.

Next up, I'll paint on the lava.

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