Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Saga of Sigurt Volsung

I was flipping through my copy of The Lost and the Damned for inspiration, and came across the section on Chaos warbands, which recounted their various battles in the form of sagas, inscribed upon monoliths. I decided to write a saga for my Chaos general, Sigurt Volsung. Each four lines recounts a seperate battle.

Sigurt Volsung, the new-crowned king,
marched north to battle the witch kin.
His chieftains united under one banner,
and drove the Druchii before them.

The Dark Elves attacked with magic most foul,
their wicked arrows killed without honour.
Many farmsteads burned under Druchii torches,
and women and children forced into slavery.

Witch kin and Northmen by the fast flowing Teld battled,
the river turned red with the ruin of both armies.
The ford of Arnod lay unclaimed, unmanned,
but still the Dark Elves vomited forth from the Black Ark.

The Druchii marched on, a monster revealed,
but Anger Boda stood fast and showed mastery over the beast.
The Hydra lost it's heads one by one,
and Thaer feasted upon it's still beating heart.

A trio of hags spoke forbidden words from secret books,
but their magick misfired and Thaer on mighty pinions flew.
He hacked a witch into red mist, stealing her dark bible,
and the fey Elves fled the field.

The horde of Chaos marched on to the mouth of the Teld,
the Elvish Black Ark sinister on the horizon.
Executioners spilled forth to fight on the beaches,
and the Volsung were flung back to the valley.

I'll keep adding to it after every battle.

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