Friday, March 14, 2008

GENERAL: Real Life(tm) gets in the way again...

Things are very busy for me in my Real Life(tm) at the moment, so I'm finding it increasingly difficult to post on my blogs.

Starting a new health kick involving lots of visits to the gym and me keeping a close eye on what I'm putting in my mouth, together with work (another six day week this week) and socialising has gobbled up all my free time.

I also run a Fantasy Football team which is in serious contention of winning my work super-league and a £250 prize. In fact I'm doing so well (400th out of 270,000+) that I could be in with a shout of the national prize of £10,000. So I'm spending 2-3 hours per week scouring the sports news and fixture lists to eke out a precious few extra points.

Finally, the Phoenix Campaign is taking up the rest of what little time I have left. As I said in an earlier post, the battle reports take an age to write up (and of course an evening to actually play!) so I'm really struggling at the moment.

So, enough waffle, why am I posting tonight?

Well, I have managed to post some new stuff on my battle reports blog. Gary and I had just finished our eighth game and were weighing up our next moves but the campaign map was hopelessly out of date so we forgot which locations belonged to which army! The problem was that I had started to keep maps of each campaign turn but stopped after turn three. In between writing up our game reports I decided produce all those missing maps and post them on the blog. Thanks to a bit of jiggery-pokery with the dates I have inserted them in the correct place on the blog so it isn't obvious at first glance how much I have added.

Now it is easy to follow the whole progress of the campaign; simply click on the Campaign - Phoenix label on the right hand side (or go here) and scroll to the bottom of the page. Then work your way up, reading each post chronologically until you get to the top.

Righto - back to battle report 8.

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