Friday, March 7, 2008

PAINTING: Finished Bloodletters

I was doing some more work on my battle reports when I came across this old post which I thought I'd put on the blog. It turns out I didn't so here it is now.

I got some painting in yesterday and managed to finish my Bloodletters. Here's the proof.

The painting is complete, I just need to add some static grass to the bases and then varnish them. It's not a Golden Daemon paintjob but it's certainly tabletop quality and brings me one unit closer to totally finishing my Chaos army. They may also be handy for Codex Daemonica which is due in May.

With the Bloodletters out of the way I just have my Berzerkers and Greater Daemon to finish. I took the opportunity to base them while I was doing the 'letters.

I'll report back when I've made more progress.

I've also posted another old battle report up on my other blog. This was a small game using my Nurgle Chaos Marines.

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