Sunday, March 2, 2008

GENERAL: Lazy Sunday afternoon

I have a few hours spare this afternoon to spend on my hobby. So what am I up to?

First thing I did was post up another of my old battle reports up on my battle reports blog. The game involved my Tau and was played using 3rd edition rules with the 4th edition trial rules. Kind of funny to be re-reading this now with 5th edition on the horizon.

I got a couple of comments on my blog post about painting the Khorne Berzerkers so I clicked on the link to check them out...only to be told I had a virus on my computer. I shut down immediately and ran my anti-virus software. Everything seems to be fine but it was a nasty scare. I've now deleted the 'comments' and hopefully that's the end of that. There's some weaselly bastards out there, that's for sure.

I played the seventh game against Gary in the 40k Phoenix campaign on Tuesday night. I'm busy putting together a battle report for the battle reports blog and I'll probably post it during the week once I have edited the photos, worked out the experience points, etc.

There are only three more games left at the most and Gary and I are keen to get them finished as soon as possible. We've both enjoyed the campaign but it's probably gone on a few more games than we'd both have liked. It probably doesn't help that we've each got an eye on our next project; Bloodbowl.

Bloodbowl is one of our all time favourite games and we have played many seasons over the years. We started a new league with eight teams a couple of years ago which the Undead won and we plan to carry on with the same teams and players for a second season. You'll be hearing plenty more about this in the future.

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