Monday, February 25, 2008

PAINTING: Khorne Berzerker numero uno

I had a nightmare yesterday, otherwise I would have posted this then.

I was volunteered to 'sort out' my girlfriend's parents TV/VCR/DVD/Satellite system, so I trundled over there at ten past two. I wasn't finished by three o'clock so I had to stop for the Carling Cup Final. I sat twiddling my thumbs until it finished. Only it was a draw after ninety minutes and they had to play 30 minutes extra time. Eventually, after a good two and a half hour interruption, I got to finish the job. The problem was that I lost my whole Sunday afternoon and got to do no gaming stuff. Rats.

On Saturday, I had managed to get some paint on a model. I decided to change my tactics in order to get the Berzerkers completed. I think part of my reluctance to start was because I baulked at the thought of production line painting all eight models. Eight lots of Chaos Black on the power armour followed by eight layers of Mechrite Red followed by eight layers of Blood Red, etc.

My new plan was to paint one model at a time until it was done, then move on to the next. I hoped that this would give me some motivation as I would feel like I was getting somewhere.

I chose the worst model of the bunch as a kind of test model to work out the paint scheme. The picture shows him after I had added some Chaos Black after the whole model had been drybrushed with a Brass colour.

Next I painted the other metallics Boltgun Metal.

The next colour changed the look of the model instantly. I painted the power armour Mechrite Red. For some reason in these pics (possibly because of the flash) it looks very pink.

A mix of Mechrite Red and Blood Red deepened the armour colour nicely. I washed it with a mix of Brown Ink and Chestnut Ink. I was going for a far deeper shade of Red than my loyalist Blood Angels, thinking it would contrast well with the Brass.

Lastly I painted some Codex Grey on the weapons. As you can see it's very shaky on the chainsword; I'll go back and paint in some Chaos Black to tidy it up.

There we have it - a virtually finished model in about an hour. The wash has pooled a bit on the armour so I need to work on the consistency but otherwise I'm pretty happy.

One down, seven to go.

Before I go, I'm bringing you a pretty big battle report this time around. It's another game involving my Tau who were pitted against their gaming nemesis the Necrons. Read all about it here.

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