Sunday, February 10, 2008

GENERAL: Party till you drop

My cold is raging and I'm totally knackered. It's not just because I'm ill though, I was out partying last night till 2.00am. Since it was touch and go whether I went out at all, this was some achievement. I'm paying for it now.

So I haven't painted anything else but I have posted another old Tau battle report. The odd thing about the report is that it is the 37th 40k battle report on my battle reports blog but only the first against regular, vanilla, Space Marines. This is surprising, given how prevalent Space Marines seem to be.

The good thing about posting all my battle reports is that I'll be able to keep an eye on the real statistics rather than just my perceptions of them.

I record who won first turn in the battle reports for just this reason. Gary and I always have a bit of banter about our 'luck' in previous games and one or other of us usually whines that we haven't gotten our fair share of first turn. Of course the facts sometimes get lost amidst the moaning.

Once I have all our games posted I'll know exactly how we stand.

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