Monday, February 18, 2008

PAINTING: Old School Bloodletters

Unsurprisingly I have posted a new (old) battle report up on my dedicated blog. I remember this game against Colin well; he modelled his Commander's Crisis suit up with Dark Vader's helmet! Find out if I succumbed to the Dark Side here.

Perhaps surprisingly I have finally taken a photo of my latest painting exploits. Here are my Bloodletters (work in progress).

Over a black undercoat I drybrushed Mechrite Red then mixed in some Blood Red for a lighter drybrush then some Fiery Orange for the lightest drybrush. I then washed the 'letters twice with Magenta Ink. In retrospect I think just the one wash would have done as it left enough of the base coats showing to really define the models. Still, they look pretty cool.

There's not really a lot to do to finish them; just some blacklining around the weapons, paint the horns/claws and some detail work on the faces. I reckon that's about two hours work plus the basing. Then it's on to the Berzerkers.

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