Sunday, February 3, 2008

GENERAL: Where did it all go wrong?

Has it really been a full week since I posted on this blog? It seems so.

Last time around I made a new plan to finish painting my final few Chaos Space Marines by dedicating 30 minutes per day to them. I didn't finish the models and in fact spent no time on them whatsoever. The only gaming stuff I did all week was to play the sixth 40k campaign game and then write up the battle report. If you're following the campaign you can check it out here.

I have a few excuses for not finding the time to paint; I'm halfway through a fairly heavy exercise regime, I've worked a six day week, I've been out visiting friends, I've been writing up the battle report above. Incidentally, the campaign itself is taking up a serious amount of my time, much more than I had thought it would before I started it. It takes an evening to play each game and there are ten in the whole campaign. Then each battle report takes two to three hours to produce including editing the photographs, writing an account of the action and totting up all the experience points.

Excuses aside, I need to get painting. For starters, I need to try and get them into at least one campaign game before it finishes!

So here I go again; I'll try and get 30 minutes of painting time every day this week.

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