Friday, April 4, 2008

GENERAL: Nice rack

Phase one of my plan to rejuvenate my games room is now complete. I have put together the paint and tool racks from miniature scenery (which took far longer than I expected) and have populated them with my paints and tools. I'll probably write a full length review about them in the future but for now they seem to hold most of my hobby stuff admirably.

Despite throwing away half a dozen dried out paint pots I have quite a few that don't fit into the racks, mostly metallics and inks, so I may need to invest in another rack. I also can't find room for my saw (bottom left) as it is just too big.

Moving all my stuff from my old Games Workshop painting tray meant that I could put my cutting board on it and use it for storing my works in project. I'll drag it out of the corner and use it to paint on when necessary.

It's a bit cluttered at the moment, largely due to two Apocalypse behemoths; a Baneblade and my Brass Scorpion interpretation. If you look closely you might also see a Khorne Berzerker squad, an Abaddon blister and some stuff from the Battle for MaCragge box. Although the Phoenix campaign is completed, I still want to finish my Chaos models for a big Apocalypse dust up.

My next job is to put together the desk lamp and try to fit it onto my desk then try to find somewhere to put all of the stuff that has accumulated on my gaming table/model drawers set up.

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