Monday, April 14, 2008

NEW MODEL FUND: Model funds can go down as well as up

My penny jar was overflowing so I counted up the coins and produced another £10 for my New Model Fund.

The bad news is that I made some purchases and I still haven't managed to get anything on e-bay. The more observant among you will have noticed I have mentioned two additions to my Chaos Space Marines army; Abaddon and a Brass Scorpion. They set me back £12 and £55 respectively.

Here's the damage:
  • Total income from sales (and my penny jar) £364.36
  • Less selling fees £31.02
  • Less models bought £366.16
  • New model fund -£32.82
Ooops! I'm now in deficit, so it is imperative I get some more money into the fund. Fortunately I have a stack of old magazines and role-playing game books ready for e-bay. I just need to knuckle down and get them on there. Keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, I've added some more content to my Blood Bowl blog. My latest post splits the league into two divisions and sets out the fixtures to be played.

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