Thursday, April 3, 2008

GENERAL: Order out of chaos

After an exhausting couple of weeks at work I've taken a few days off to concentrate on hobby related shenanigans. Huzzah!

So what will I be getting up to?

The main thing I want to do is wrap up the Phoenix campaign. If you've been following the action so far my Exigators Chaos Space Marines have been involved in a vicious tussle with Gary's Eldar on the planet of Kutch in the Skolarii Sector. We've played nine games and everything is in the balance for our tenth and final game. I'll be getting the battle report typed up over the next two days and then I'll be looking back over the whole campaign and discussing what worked and what didn't.

The other big task I have set myself is to sort out my gaming room. I don't think I've ever posted pics of my home set up on lone pilgrim so here's my chance.

The gaming room is a real luxury for me as for many years I painted my models from the sofa and played my games at the local store or on a rickety table in the living room. Not ideal.

When we sorted out our new house I got my own gaming room and made a real effort to get a decent set up organised. I bought a big desk, lots of shelving and cabinets which could store models and also support a gaming table.

That was about a eighteen months ago and since then I have made very few changes. Until now.

The place is a right mess, it needs a thorough clean up. I need to find permanent living spaces for the stuff I want to keep and e-bay the rest.

I'm not using the storage space as well as I could either. I need to go through all the stuff I just whacked in boxes when I first moved in and put them in some sort of logical order.

As I've mentioned before I'm also going through a bad phase with my painting. I think, in part at least, it may have something to do with my set up. I have therefore bought some specialist paint holders and a new lamp to reorganise my desk. I'm hoping that this will give me a nudge in the right direction.

If I have any free time after this little lot I want to try my new painting area and finally get my Chaos Space Marines finished. I've got the rest of the Berzerkers to paint, my Brass Mantis to construct and paint and a few other bits and bobs.

I plan to blog a lot over the coming days so watch this space.

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