Sunday, November 9, 2008


I haven't reported on my New Model Fund for over two months. That's because I've been trying to tighten my belt and concentrate on painting the models I already own, rather than buying new ones.

I did indulge over the weekend, though. The first model I picked up was Chaplain Lemartes for my Blood Angels. I wanted to field him in my 1000 point Gauntlet tournament list so I dropped £10 on him, but he arrived two weeks late. Ah well, I would have bought him eventually anyway. I now have the full set of Blood Angel Characters. It's just a shame he is such an ugly model. I may have to take the modelling knife to him before I break out the paint brushes.

The second set of models I bought were the new plastic Marauder horsemen. In contrast to the skull-faced goon Lemartes these models look very impressive. The light cavalry will replace the Furies in my old Hordes of Chaos list, and although they won't do it quite so well, they will be tasked to hunt enemy mages, war machines and other light cavalry. The other reason I got these models versus the new plastic Knights or Warhounds is that the latter are included in the new Warriors of Chaos battalion box (it comes with 12 Warriors, 20 Marauders, 10 Warhounds and 5 Knights). I'm sure to pick this set up in the near future to thicken my core units.

So lets take a look at what that £22 spent has done to my fund.
  • Total income from sales (and my penny jar) £593.17
  • Less selling fees £41.39
  • Less models bought £537.12
  • New model fund £14.66
I'm still in profit.

That's great, but the disappointing thing is that I haven't managed to sell anything over the last couple of months. Of course this isn't helped by my hectic schedule but I had hoped to sell just two items a week consistently. That wouldn't have taken up too much of my precious time but it would have kept the pennies rolling in.

I won't be any less busy in the run up to Christmas but I will try to list a few things in order to save up for that battalion box. Alternatively, or in addition to that, I'll have to ask relatives to get me some models as Christmas presents, which won't count against my fund.

Righto, I'm off to a wedding...

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