Sunday, November 2, 2008

PAINTING: Painting pledge month 3

I've posted up my latest contribution to the Warseer Tale of 40k Painters painting pledge. Of course, anyone reading my blog gets to see the full bifta.

The unit I allocated to October was a 5 man Tactical squad, with Veteran Sergeant with Powerfist and a marine with a melta gun. Regular readers will know I also painted up 5 Death Company Marines and a Chaplain in time for the Gauntlet Tournament but for the purposes of the pledge I'll have to put them forward for the November's contribution.

4th squad 2nd Company

You can see the damage the frosted varnish has done to the models below.

Veteran Sergeant Caedes

Thanks to everyone who posted advice and tips on how to minimise the frosting. I brushed all the models down with a stiff brush and then re-varnished them (after warming up the can and shaking it for a looooong time). It's not as bad as it was, especially from a distance, but it's very noticeable close up.

Melta gun

The squad had mixed results in the tournament. In my first game they lost their powerfist and meltagun in quick succession and thus achieved little. In my second game they contributed to the death of a Daemon Prince and then claimed an objective. In the third they immobilised a Rhino with their shooting then destroyed it in an assault.

Mark VI Corvus armour

I really need to paint up the second combat squad of 5 marines to fill out the squad. Then I'll probably add a Rhino for some mobility.

Tactical marine

I'm not sure which heavy weapon to add to the unit. I have lots of missile launchers but do I pick something else for a bit of variety?

Tactical marine

Alternatively I could keep them in their Razorback for now and concentrate on getting some Assault Marines painted up instead.

Models painted by the end of month 3

By my reckoning I now have 595 points of Blood Angels painted up so I'm ahead of schedule. I'll have to work out how much the Death Company should cost for the challenge because in the game their cost is factored into the Tactical squads. Stiil, even if I count them as entirely free the Chaplain costs 135 points on his own.

Now I just need to decide what to paint over the next four weeks or so; Brass Scorpion or Warriors of Chaos.

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