Sunday, September 27, 2009

GENERAL: How clean is your games room?

Today will be a day when I get things done.

I've been suffering from a little post-holiday ennui regarding my gaming activities, largely because I have so many projects rumbling along simultaneously. This is also in part due to a six day working week I just finished last night. Hey ho, at least I got back in time to see Newcastle United slot four past a hapless Ipswich team. We are top of the league, say we are top of the league!


I've taken a few pictures of my games room so you can appreciate my plight. I bought all of my Planetstrike terrain, bought Planetary Empires, I got a tonne of stuff out for my selling splurge on eBay, then the remainder of that got Mighty Empires tiles piled up on it while I painted them, then Space Hulk arrived with some Planetary Empires tiles, then I bought two IA books, then I got all my Orks out to build my next 40k army then I came back from holiday and dumped all my stuff on top of all that.

This is the result:

I need a major tidy up.

The main focus of my efforts will be on the 'island' tabletop surface in the middle of the room. This is formed by two long Ikea cabinets where all of my models live. It also forms the surface where I can place my gaming table and play games.

You can see my table in the photo above, in 4 foot by 2 foot sections, on end wrapped in bubble wrap just to the left of my painting desk. They have never been unwrapped since we had the conversion done on our house two years ago. The island table has never been clear in all that time.

Today that will change.

I hope that by having a good clear out I'll feel more like I have my projects under control.

I plan to blog again later in the day with my progress, and also with some news from UK Gamesday which is taking place today. Early reports say that the Tyranid codex is confirmed for January 2010 and is to be written by Robin Cruddace.

Okay, I have stuff to do.


  1. I think I'm most impressed that you can see outside from your hobby station!! Not only that but it is of a garden! Nice work man.


  2. I had to tidy up some today as well, my paints were slowly creeping into my work area and I was running out of space.

  3. I think you need more shelf space... your paint area looks quite clean.

    Cleaned up my own desk a few weeks ago. Here's the result:

  4. My area is incredibly clean, but that's because I'm a neat freak.

  5. @Dj Batman - I like to watch the birds fluttering about while I paint. Very relaxing - apart from the time a Sparrowhawk paid a visit.

    @Corvus - that stack of paints looks intimidating somehow. Very tidy though.

  6. I'd love to have that lone pilgrim! but i dont really even have a hobby space. most of my mates who do would love a window!! looks like a cool space to work in!