Thursday, September 17, 2009

GENERAL: Whaddaya mean ya didn't miss me?

It's been nearly a fortnight since my last blog entry. The reason is that I've been on holiday in Cyprus. It was hot, and because I'm from northern England I got burnt. I've still got a few days off from work to recuperate and I'll be using some of that time to get back up to speed with my gaming and blogging.

I read several gaming related books while I was on holiday so I'll be bringing you a bumper bi-monthly book update very shortly.

I'll also be finishing off my Mighty Empires tiles. I was very close to doing so before I went away so they should be complete by the end of the weekend.

I have just taken a load of Orks out of the Dettol bath they have been sitting in while I've been away and I've dumped my latest, and last, batch in there. Over the next couple of weeks I plan to glue all of my Orks together and write out a 1500 point army list for them prior to painting them for the Tale of 4ok Painters pledge on Warseer.

I've already played a joker and missed the first month and it's looks like I will play a joker again for September. I can only play two in the whole tale so I'll have to get something painted by the end of October (Orktober). I'm a tad worried I'll be knee deep in Planetstrike goodness at that time so my cunning plan is to paint a relatively expensive model with an easy paint scheme to buy me time until later.

A character model would fit the bill but I wouldn't want to rush the paintjob on such an integral model to the army so I think the Deff Dread will have to do. It will come in at around 100 points and I reckon I could finish the model in about three hours if I had to.

If I'm still struggling for time the following month I can repeat the trick with the three Killa Kanz. They will come in at about 150 points and will mean I could paint just four models in two months to stay in the tale. Of course that means painting a horde of Ork boyz in the latter months, but that's just the price I'll have to pay if I want to paint my Planetstrike terrain.

Righto, I'm off to slather on some more aftersun cream.


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