Tuesday, September 29, 2009

GENERAL: Job done...for now

I've had a good clean up of my games room to try and help me get a handle on all my projects.

It might not seem that much tidier on first glance but it really is. Look at my desk for example, I've moved my cutting mat onto my paint station and taken all of the Ork models with it. The idea is that I can tuck the paint station away on my central table and then just move the whole thing over to my desk when I need to. I wouldn't normally have an entire 1500 point army on there, of course!

You can see the Orks right at the back of the photo above. The rest of the island table is cluttered with stuff but virtually all of it is with current projects.

In the front are my Planetstrike goodies. I've tucked the craters and some other loose bits and pieces away in a box and stacked it all together.

Behind them are my Planetary Empires boxes, and you can just see my half finished Mighty Empires tiles laid out behind them. Once my Ork army is built I'll finish the tiles, which will be a quick win, and then I'll hide the boxes away. I'll return to Planetary Empires after my Planetstrike terrain is completed.

I feel a bit better having tackled the worst of the mess and things will only improved further as I finish each task.

Righto, those Orks won't build themselves...

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