Friday, September 4, 2009

NEW MODEL FUND: Target achieved...and then some!

Over the past couple of weeks I have had numerous auctions running on eBay. I was selling lots of metal Catachan Imperial Guardsmen, Sisters of Battle, old Blood Bowl figures and some out of print Black Library books.

All of the invoices are now paid and I am just about to take the last of the items to the Post Office so I thought an update of my New Model Fund was in order.

The good news is that I've made a whopping £173.25! This brings my NMF total to a mighty £674.34. This has smashed my original £500 target and I'll now revise that target to £750 for the year.

I still have quite a few things which I need to list; some more random Imperial Guardsmen, Warhammer figures and some games magazines. I might try and auction them two per week, which was my original plan, because I didn't enjoy juggling 36 individual auctions simultaneously.

Watch this space.


It's been a while since I reported back on my Planetstrike schemes.

I had £34.15 left in my kitty which came from my fantasy football winnings over the summer. I recently spent £14.70 on the Battlescape terrain piece, which looks fantastic by the way, leaving my kitty at a measly £19.45.

It's not a real problem, though, as I now have a stack of terrain to paint up. I'll keep that money to one side until the end of the project in case I need any extra bits and pieces.

I can't wait to get started.


  1. A nice little sum there mate. :D

    Will be interesting to see what shiney new models you spend it on.

  2. that is an insane amount o money to recoup from warhammer!! any pics of all the terrain ammassed so far? any progress?

  3. @Lauinav - given I'm a slow painter I'm currently leaning towards Forge World models/armies. I'm especially interested to see how they approach the Elysians in IA8.

    @King's Standard Bearer - I've done nothing other than collect terrain for Planetstrike so far. I'll be tackling it all in a couple of weeks time, so there will be plenty of pics then.

  4. Congrats, and good luck breaking the new target. I have no doubt you'll achieve it at this rate.