Sunday, October 25, 2009

GENERAL: Plans and schemes

My seven year old nephew came by today to have a look at his uncle's models and terrain. He was absolutely blown away by the stuff I now take for granted, and some of his boyish enthusiasm rubbed off on me. Going through my drawers of finished models and terrain, some of which I haven't looked at for years, made me itch to get stuck back into this fabulous hobby with gusto.

Fortunately my new resolve coincides with a window of opportunity. My better half is out on Monday, Tuesday and Friday night, while I also have a day off work on Friday. That means I can probably throw about 18 to 20 hours at my various projects this week versus the 5 or 6 I usually have. But which projects to concentrate upon?

With my Ork army built, the obvious choice is my Planetstrike terrain. I'd like to build all of the plastic kits I have first, just so that I can see it all together in one place. I'm sure that would inspire me to paint everything too.

The other wildcard option I have is Aeronautica Imperialis. I have an Imperial Navy wing and an Ork wing unbuilt at the moment and just seeing my desert terrain earlier today made me want to use it as an AI battlefield. I think the Navy planes would look so cool with a desert theme and I could potentially complete the building and painting of all of the models in the time I have available this week. The Orks would be easy too, and by the end of the week I could have a new games system to play!

Whichever I choose I also plan to paint some Orks for my Warseer Tale of 40k Painting pledge. I've jokered the first two months already so technically I only have a week to paint 150 points of models or I'll be thrown out of the tale. With the deadline tight I think I'll paint the Killa Kans or Deff Dread rather than a twenty Ork mob.

So what do you think? Should I start my Planetstrike terrain or should I finish my Aeronautica Imperialis wings?


  1. Depends how much you'll use the planetstike stuff, If you're itching to get some PS games in, and want some terrain to fight over, i'd go with that; otherwise, slam out the AI stuff. Hobby binges are great...

  2. The IA Ork stuff is fun to paint and pretty quick to get done too. I had a blast getting mine together. Planet Strike is fun but I do not think it should be your first priority. I have only used the Fortress I built a few times since I got it finished and now they are coming out the the cool DA one. I'd take your time and do the IA stuff right over time. That leaves the Orks, I think you should get the necessary amount done to keep in the challenge.

    Just my 2 cents though, I would probably to the IA stuff myself though.

  3. The AI stuff would be good because planetstrike is not going to be played that opften and neither is AI but AI is more of a niche game so less people will have it and if you have two fleets then someone can borrow one of yours!