Tuesday, October 27, 2009

MODELLING: Take to the skies!

As any of you who follow my Twitter feed already know, I decided to put together my Aeronautica Imperialis models rather than my Planetstrike terrain. I'm hoping to build and paint both my Imperial Navy and Ork wings within one week.

The first models I put together were my Navy Lightnings. This was because they had the least number of parts and I thought they would be a 'quick win.'


The models were very poorly cast and took an age to complete. I had similar problems with the Marauder Destroyer which looked like the mould hadn't filled with resin fully and thus had jagged mismatched lines a good millimetre or so proud around the fuselage.

And bloody hell are those under wing missiles/bombs difficult to attach!

I eventually glued eight to the Marauder and then had two spare which I stuck on a Thunderbolt. They will count as Skystrikes,Hellstrikes or bombs depending on my mood.

Here is a photo of my Navy wing assembled:

I reckon I have about twenty hours spare this week to dedicate to this project and so far I have spent six hours constructing my IN wing. I hope the Ork planes will go together a bit quicker, now that I've had some practice playing with resin, and I can then spend the remaining time painting the models.


  1. They're looking nice mate. A friend got me two vultures and two valkaries a while ago. I haven't got round to them yet because of how fiddly they look to put together.

    Not sure I want to now I've read your blog :-(

  2. Good choice and looking good. Sorry to see your having some problems but hey, keep your head up, charge the mountain (and when you get bored after 10 yards then call in you navy wing to carry you the rest of the way to the top, now that would make them worth building!)Sweet stuff keep it coming, thanks, bye!