Tuesday, October 20, 2009

MODELLING: Orks ready for painting

As you can see in the above photograph, I have finished the assembly of my Ork horde. Top right we have the big man himself, Ghaz, with three of his Meganobs in tow. One has a kombi-scorcha and two have kombi-rokkits. To their left we have a large mob of Nobz. Some of them will need additional powerklaws and/or kombi-weapons which I plan to add from an additional Nobz plastic box set next year. A painted Painboy is next, then there are two big shoota boys which are so far unallocated to units.

The bulk of the army is on the cutting mat. Front left are the Deff Dread with two big shootas, and three Killa Kans - two have rokkit launchas and the third has a big shoota. Cheap and cheerful.

Behind them are 10 'Ard boyz with a Nob and rokkit launcha. 20 Shoota boyz are lurking behind them with another Nob and two big shootas. I have enough parts to turn some of the Shoota boyz into 'Ard boyz if I want to at a later date.

My Assault on Black Reach Warboss is standing next to the walkers with two large Slugga boy units to his left. One is 20 strong with a Nob and two rokkit launchas, while the second is 16 strong with a Nob and big shoota. Again, I may play about with the exact size of these units later on.

The Deff Koptas are lined up far right. I've left them armed with rokkit launchas.

Finally, my Stormboyz are at the front right, partly undercoated. Ideally I'd like to increase the size of this unit and add a Nob so I may well buy a new plastic box of Stormboyz at some point.

The obvious next step is to base the army. With all of the army built I can do it all in one go, which should save a lot of time.

Then, finally, I'll be able to break out my paintbrush again...


  1. Hey Pilgrim - the horde lloks like a daunting painting challenge.

    Quick query - did the Kans come with all the weapon options in the kits?

  2. That is a ton of minis! Are you planning any vehicles or is this army walking?

  3. It will feel good to start painting after a little break. I should know.

  4. @Rogue Pom - I got the Kans second hand from a mate, so one had a big shoota, another had a rokkit and I kitbashed a second rokkit from a Chaos Havoc launcher. No idea what comes in the box!

    @Simon - I have no immediate plans to add vehicles because a)I have no cash, b)I already have over 1500 points without having to buy extra models and c)it's kind of fluffy to have Ghaz leading a horde of Orks on foot with a core of Nobs.