Friday, October 30, 2009

GENERAL: Tracking my progress

If you scroll down the blog a bit you'll notice I've added another widget to the right column. It's called my unfinished project list and it is a visual representation of where I'm at with my various painting and modelling projects.

I've felt a bit overwhelmed in the past few weeks with the number of different projects I've been juggling so I hope that this will help me a) see what plates I have spinning at any one time, and b) let me see I'm making progress, however slowly.

I've just put the most obvious projects on there at the moment but I plan to add to the list over time as I rediscover my various plans and schemes. Of course other projects will drop off the list as I complete them.


  1. I'm digging this widget. Do you mind letting me know what it's called? And do you know if they have a similar widget for Wordpress?

  2. It's not a widget as such, it's some javascript I found online and bunged into blogger. I just searched for blogger progress bar in google and it was one of the first results. I think it was from a knitting blog!

    I can copy the code and maybe e-mail it to you or add it into a blog post if you like.

    I seem to remember coming across a Wordpress widget while I was looking but I ignored it at the time because I just use blogger.