Monday, August 6, 2007

ARMY LIST: Chaos Renegade Militia mirror list, part two

I posted the first draft of my list on three forums to try and get feedback. The advice from Dakka Dakka was blunt. Flagg07 wrote:

1) Plasma with your LC squads
2) Mixing specials in the same squad is not good for IG. Specialise the PHQ to do a job.
3) Optimize the vets to 5 men and 3 Plasmas with a bolter if you like.
4) Heavy stubbers for your Hell Hounds
5) Drop a Sentinel to get points to make fixes
6) Add some indirect to get those baddies that fire on you from behind cover
7) Doctrines are your friend.

Then epidemicHEART suggested:

Also, I would save points by dropping your heavy weapons platoon, and putting those 2 fire support squads as detachments for your command squad.

Over on the Warhammer Forum I got 64 views but no replies. I guess that means the list is so good that it can't be improved! Or maybe it's just so bad that it can't be rescued.

I got most replies on Warseer. Steel Legion got back to me first with this:

I am never a fan of leaving a squad without a special weapon personally, even something like a melta (keeping the AT theme of the squad) in case a tank gets within 18" where the melta is as effective as the lascannon pretty much, or 12" where its ace
(assuming you move towards them of course with the melta). For one anti tank I would consider missiles or lascannons, as S7 doesn't always cut it all the time, just a suggestion though, also you seem to be low on Ld, perhaps a standard bearer to keep the men in check?

Of course I had included a veteran with a standard but I forgot to type it up onto the army list. Monsterzonk countered part of the last post with this:

Meltaguns only have a range of 12", getting really mean at 6"...

Personally I'm not a fan of lascannons in Infantry Squads. I mean, if you shoot a tank, you'll waste 9 lasgun shots. I know, lasguns are not good, but in masses they do hurt. A 10 man squad with a lascannon costs 75 points (not too sure, don't have the Codex at hand). So you pay 75 points for one (!) S9 AP2 shot that hits on a 4+??? Use autocannons or missile launchers instead, as those do have anti-infantry potential, which compliments the 9 lasguns. IMO heavy bolters are best for Infantry Squads, even better if coupled with a flamer or plasmagun.
If you really want lascannons, get them in an Anti-Tank Squad or give one to your Veterans, as they have BS4 and therefore good chances to hit.
In short:

Change the Infantry Squads' lascannons into heavy bolters.
Change the Heavy Weapons Platoon's autocannons into lascannons.
Maybe try and get some special weapons for the Infantry Squads.

My response was:

In my experience the IG tanks kill infantry and the infantry kill tanks.

I'm not too worried about losing the lasguns while I have 2 ordnance, 2 inferno cannon, 8 heavy bolters and all the autocannon then the 4 command squads if needed. The problem with putting all the lascannons in the anti tank squads is that I lose all the ablative wounds. At the moment you have to kill 10 guardsmen to knock out one lascannon. In the anti tank squads you can knock out three lascannons with just six kills.

It's 85 pts for the lascannon infantry squads...

Finally Outlaw289 replied:

Ah, the age old "to support squad or not to support squad" question. I'll say, in my experience, having an Anti-tank lascannon support squad works. It will usually do it's job at first (and cheaper!), and even if it does get knocked out (which sometimes takes a while due to being in cover, far away, etc), there are plenty of battle cannons (less useful against vehicles but good against big things like Land Raiders ) and rocket launchers where those lascannons came from (that you can buy because of you bought three lascannons for less points than you would otherwise).

Take lascannon support squads and then rocket launchers/Autocannnons in Infantry Squads for medium/light (respectively) anti-tank work.

I've taken on board some of the advice and revised my list accordingly. Here is the second draft.

Junior Officer w/ bolt pistol, 2 melta, vet w/ standard
Sentinel w/ lascannon
Fire Support w/ 3 autocannon
Fire Support w/ 3 autocannon

5 Veterans Srg w/ boltgun, 3 plasma guns

Infantry platoon 1
Junior Officer 2 flamer
Infantry squad lascannon, plasma gun
Infantry squad lascannon, plasma gun

Infantry platoon 2
Junior Officer 2 flamer
Infantry squad lascannon, plasma gun
Infantry squad lascannon, plasma gun

Fast Attack
Hellhound extra armour, heavy stubber
Hellhound extra armour
Sentinel w/ autocannon

Heavy Support
Leman Russ, heavy bolters all round, extra armour, searchlight
Leman Russ, heavy bolters all round, extra armour

So that's 7 autocannon, 8 heavy bolters, 5 lascannon, 2 battle cannon, 2 inferno cannon, 1 heavy stubber, 2 meltaguns, 4 flamers, 7 plasma guns


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