Wednesday, August 8, 2007

NEWS AND RUMOURS: Necrons in 2008

Mezmaron on Dakka Dakka has reported some rumours from Games Day Germany concerning the Necrons.

They say its going to be a release similar to Tau Empires - fewer (sic) new model and streamlining rules. I have heard:
  • WBB replaced with FNP.
  • Necron Warriors and Immortals get SAP, T increase by 1, and point increase.
  • Phase Out gone!
  • Three different options of Necron Lords.
  • Veil is nerfed (sends unit to reserve, but can deep-strike next turn).
  • One new HS unit choice.
The discussion is taking place here.

Games Day Germany also saw the unveiling of more Forgeworld Death Korps of Krieg models. This time around it is the Quartermaster and servitors. I've shown the main guy here, but check out the thread on Warseer for more pics of the servitors.

The new plastic Vindicator shows up on Warseer too. I heard rumours of this at the 40k Grand Tournament heat 2 last November and the only surprise for me is how long it has taken to surface. My insider told me that the Vindicator was the first model to be produced using the new plastics moulding technology GW have been testing and that it was just waiting for the appropriate release window. I guess Apocalpse is that window.

The best new stuff, though, is contained in this thread. Scroll down to the last few posts and take a gander at the Space Marine Chapter Council models. Wow.

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