Thursday, August 9, 2007

ARMY LIST: Chaos Renegade Militia wrap up

After a few days wait to see if any further advice would be forthcoming it is time to take another look at my Chaos Renegade Militia army list threads.

I finally got some responses on the Warhammer Forum. It was bad advice. They advised me to drop the lascannons, use carapace armour and load up my vehicles with Hunter Killer missiles. No thanks.

Nobody had added anything to the discussion on Dakka Dakka. Funnily enough a lot of other IG threads have sprung up there. It's nice to be in fashion.

There was nothing more to come from Warseer, either.

So I reckon my second version of the list is the one I will go with. As well as being a fairly solid list in itself, it will be easy to build upon with Forgeworld units.

Now I just have to put my Blood Angel list together.

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